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Administrative Professional Degree Overview

Listed below are colleges and universities that offer online degrees, certificates, and diplomas in the major of Administrative Professional and a detailed list of the programs offered. Tuition, financial aid, course offerings, online classes, adult education, and distance learning options are available by request.

Your Many-Faceted Role

Career Outlook for Office Assistants

According to the 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Office Assistants held about 3.5 million jobs as of 2008, with the majority employed by small businesses.

According to the BLS, growth of office assistants is expected to be 12% from 2008-2018, a rate that is about as fast as the average for all occupations. Employment prospects will be affected by advances in technology which will expand automation of many tasks (e.g. inventory control and payroll processing). This situation will result in greater demand for office assistants because they are generalists, able to perform a wide variety of tasks rather than focus on one specific function.

Employment prospects will be best for office assistants with knowledge of computer software programs and office equipment including computers, fax machines, scanners and telephone systems. People with strong communication abilities and organizational skills will also have an advantage.

Economic factors also play a part in job prospects. For example, healthcare firms will continue to expand while those in the manufacturing sector can be expected to continue slow growth with a consequent lower number of job opportunities.

Salary Forecast for Office Assistants

As per (April 2011) the salary range of entry level Office Assistants is $28,681 – $46,880, with a median national average of $35,736. Keep in mind that these numbers are national averages. Several factors come into play with regard to the salary you will receive. Such factors to include:

  • Size of firm: Larger firms tend to offer higher salaries than do smaller ones.
  • Location: It is also likely you will earn a greater salary in a large metropolitan area than in a small town. This is primarily due to the higher cost of living in large cities
  • Years of experience; You should be able to earn a higher salary once you gain some experience in the field. In many cases, you will also be provided with an initial increase once your probationary period (usually 3 months) has passed. Salary increases will also arise from promotions and additional education to increase knowledge and skill-set.
  • Overtime: In most cases, office assistants are non-exempt employees and eligible to receive overtime pay, usually paid at time-and-a-half.Depending on how much overtime you contribute, this could add a substantial amount to your base pay.
  • Bonuses: Many larger-size firms also award year-end bonuses to their employees that can add a few hundred dollars to your pocket!

Education and Skills Required to be an Office Assistant

Most employers will require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. However, an associate’s degree in business will provide you with a competitive edge in obtaining entry-level employment. This degree may be obtained at community colleges or vocational schools. Those who seek to work in a medical setting may also pursue a degree in medical or dental office assisting.

Computer skills and knowledge of software programs are also important, as well as proficiency in using diverse office equipment.

Additional qualifications

Because the position of office assistant requires much interaction with other staff and customers, prospective entrants to the field should have excellent interpersonal skills and be team players. You should also be detail-oriented, with the ability to prioritize diverse tasks in order to meet the daily work requirements of different departments.

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